Hipes Research also provides consulting to the financial services industry. 


Financial model specification, implementation, and validation

  •  Hedge fund liquidity model
  •  Multi-factor model for real rates and inflation
  •  Basket credit protection model
  •  Capital structure model (Merton) for high-yield debt
  •  Municipal bond arbitrage
  •  Convertible bond arbitrage


 Data scrubbing and analysis       

  • Principal component analysis of rates and volatility
  • Multi-regime analysis of rates
  • Estimation of inflation beta


Analysis of decision support models 

  • Back-testing of signals from term-structure models
  • P/L attribution platform for multi-currency CB arbitrage


Portfolio construction (position level and multi-strategy)  

  • Optimization for best roll-down and carry in fixed-income
  • Mean-variance optimization of hedge fund strategies 


Research / risk management 

  • Risk management process for a multi-strategy hedge fund
  • Integrated risk management platform for a fixed-income desk 


Calibration of parametric models 

  • Multi-factor model for nominal rates and volatility 


In addition, we offer client project support in the following areas:


Third-party analytic library due diligence, integration, and validation

Documentation, analysis, and modification of client legacy programs

Porting of client programs to advanced architecture computers